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After 25 years, this course is going on hiatus for one year (2015-2016).The course is going to be redesigned during that time.The targeted audience is expected to be undergraduates and graduate students.
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For more information, contact Tom Schram at UNH in the Education Dept.


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Past Participants:

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Belize-UNH Teacher ProgramEducation Dept., Morrill HallDurham, NH 03824-3595(603) 862-2310

offers you the opportunity to:
  • Visit town and village schools in the Toledo or Stann Creek Districts; English speaking and Spanish speaking schools.
  • Participate in Belizean teacher training workshops.
  • Work collaboratively with Belizean teachers sharing teaching techniques and classroom methods.
  • Talk with government officials, and university and college leaders.
  • Participate in the daily life of a Belizean class.
  • Establish a classroom-to-classroom relationship sharing student work.
  • Experience the unique marine environment of Belize‚Äôs coral reef.
  • Explore the local sites of interest such as a rainforest, banana plantation, preserve or Mayan ruin.
  • Learn first-hand the cultural heritage of local ethnic groups.

Cost of the course
Total cost of the program is your tuition rate plus a program fee estimated to be _TBD. The total cost includes university graduate credit, all travel, food, lodging, and other group expenses. (Vouchers or waivers for the College of Liberal Arts may be used towards the tuition but not towards the program fee. A limited amount of waivers will be accepted.) Tuition costs are located at if you are not enrolled in a degree program or at if enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts.

NOTE: There are additional fees related to registration too. Check here:

Through active learning, large and small group work, and independent study participants will learn the educational, geographical, historical, and cultural background of Belize. Classes will stress cooperative learning, community building activities and experiential learning. Participants will design a project to integrate their personal interests and objectives with in-country activities.

Follow-up classes will guide participants in assessing and evaluating their experience in terms of their pre-trip objectives, current position and future goals. Completion of course requirements will grant 4 graduate credits from UNH.

Course leaders:__
Sheila Adams - (603) 926-9136 sadamsrjh at
Steve Schulten - (603) 742-8277 steve.schulten at
Dave Shannon, Wendy Crowley,Laura Miles and Gini Littlefield

All course leaders are experienced New Hampshire classroom teachers with first-hand knowledge of Belize and the environment in which we will be working.
Classroom in Belize